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Marble 38cm Chess Set Collection: Elegance and Precision

A 38 cm marble chess set contains a customized 38 by 38 cm chess board and custom marble chess pieces. The marble tones of a 38 cm chess set come in a variety of colors. The marble chess set comes in a variety of colors, including black and white, white and green, black and fossil coral, white and grey oceanic, black and golden, and white and black. The chess sets in question are a tiny bit larger than the 38 cm sets. Our enormous marble chess pieces are striking and impressive. Every piece on the board, from the majestic king to the delicately made queen, is perfectly sized to stand out. A 38 cm marble chess set is 38 cm wide and 38 cm tall as opposed to a 30 cm set. A marble chess set is the most beautiful one that can be displayed as a showpiece or played in an international game.

Marble Elegance: The chess pieces, carved from exquisite marble, exude a timeless elegance. The natural veining patterns and high-quality craftsmanship make each set a unique work of art. The contrast between white and black marble adds a touch of luxury to every move.