12 Smart Tips To Store Utensils In The Kitchen

Organize your kitchen utensils now efficiently by putting together functionality and style; this way, easily create a working space that will help you in meal preparation. Here are some elegant solutions, like a marble solution for the utensil holder, or even a chess set of marble.

Buy a Marble Utensil Holder

A marble utensil holder is a beautiful, heavy option for storing your most commonly used kitchen tools. With weight attached, one is assured that the utensil holder will be stable and will not easily topple; in addition, it brings elegance to your countertop.

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are very essential to keep the utensils in their sorted way and in easy reach. Since this is adjustable, the divider can be modified so as to accommodate the number of utensils organized within this, and this upkeeps the drawer so well.

Add a Magnetic Knife Strip

 Put the magnetic knife strip on your wall, holding up such metal utensils as knives and metal spatulas, so not to jam drawers or take up space that would go towards a countertop utensil holder. The magnetic knife strip allows for more space use on the counter to be dedicated to another activity.

Hanging Racks

You can place racks or hooks under your cabinets or on your walls to hang the quantity of your most used tools, such as spatulas, ladles, and whisks. Doing this will help keep your drawers clean and your kitchen organized.

Reuse a Marble Chess Set

Consider a marble chess set as a part of the decoration for your kitchen. The board can double as a stylish tray for smaller utensils, and the chess figures could serve as unexpected weights or stands for items like toothpicks and skewers.

Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers

 Deep cabinets are ideal for pull-out organizers. With those sliding shelves, you will easily grab stuff stored in the section in the back, hence optimize your space and easily organize it.

Use Utensil Trays

 Your kitchen drawers have the perfect fit for utensil trays, especially the expandable ones. They help in separating the different types of your utensils, enabling you to find what you need quickly.

Keep Countertop Caddies

 Put common utensils in countertop caddies placed next to your stove so you never have to search for them. This way, you may keep your cooking area well organized and your utensils at hand.

Install Over-the-Sink Baskets

 Add an over-the-sink basket for scrub brushes and sponges. In this way, they are not left on the counter, drawing out the drying process and making the kitchen look dirty.

Use Pegboards

 A pegboard is a versatile storage solution for kitchen walls. You can hang any size of utensils on nowadays' pegboard and rearrange them whenever you please.

Utilize Vertical Storage

 The long kitchen utensils like rolling pins and wooden spoons can be kept standing in tall containers or vases.

Utilize Inside of Cabinet Doors

 You could put hooks or small racks mounted on the inside of your cabinet doors. This space is perfect for small spatulas, measuring spoons, maybe even pot lids—that way, they are out of the way but still within acceptable reach.


So, here are 12 real smart organizing tips that can help you make your kitchen organized and work-friendly. These storage solutions do not only bring about some elegance from a marble utensil holder or a marble chess set turned into a creative storage solution but are part function, part flare. Apply ideas such as these, and what follows are all your utensils having their place for great satisfaction while you cook and a visually appealing kitchen.